The Beginning

Starting doing beading in @1995 after getting alcohol poisoning while out partying with friends. It is a talent that God gave me to keep me from trying to kill myself (literally through binge drinking and then driving while drunk) From broken to Reborn, from lost to Found, God gave me this talent to make jewelry and I didn't realize how relevant it was to my life until I was listening to the radio praising God and this song came on (of course I forgot the name and such) but it talked about taking the old and making it new again. God did that with me as I do that with my jewelry! I love taking old broken pieces and recreating something new and exciting. If the necklace doesn't have earrings with it, I can make some to go with it. Romans 7:24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of death. vs 25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. It only through Jesus can we be truly changed, He alone has all power to deliver us from the bondage of sin and give us new life.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bracelet that is half finished

Oh man, this designing jewelry is insane!  I came across a link on Facebook called The Global Gene Project. The Global Genes Project is a rare disease initiative to create greater awareness about the prevalence of rare disease and provide support for the millions of children and adults affected.

Many ways to participate - host jeans parties, wear jeans, help build "$1 Makes a Difference" campaigns locally. Your efforts can benefit the rare disease charity of your choice.
The link I found had to do with the 7000 bracelets of Hope -
Denim blue bracelets created for the '7000 Bracelets for Hope Campaign'. Bracelet donations are collected by the Global Genes Project and each is given to a family living with rare disease. Learn more at Are you making a blue bracelet for 7000 Bracelets for Hope? Email an image of your bracelet donation to and we will include your bracelet in our Blue Bracelets photo album (be sure to tag yourself on your bracelet).

So my brain went into overdrive - How can I create a gene/jean bracelet?  First I thought about the belt loops and was like - nah several people probably already did that.  Then I started thinking - use strips of jean - nah already been done also.  Denim binding - ok now we are getting some where.  What to add to it....what about charms made out of denim?  Brain really smoking to accomplish this?  Ohhhhhh - use denim patches and fuse two different colors together (step 1).  Ok now what - I can't draw a straight line to save my life.  Oh yeah - what about all those stencils I use for other art projects like sharpie tye dye and scrapbooking (Step 2).  Ok - now I have several different designs stenciled onto my denim to get them to become jewelry?  I know.....bead around the edge. After several tries (Step 3) I finally got the beads right where I wanted them.  Just close enough to the edge to keep the pieces together but also far enough away from the edge to get it just the right amount of fray.  Ok charm complete?  Not I just put it on a jump ring and attach it to a 8" chain with clasp? or do I bead the bracelet part and what pattern do I use for the bead work?  (Step 4 and 5) I started out making a loop for a jump ring and then changed my mind so I had to stitch the loop down.  (Step 6) About midway of the charm, I decided to put my bracelet straps.  Loops of 6 seed beads for about 3" and then I turn the strap sideways and used 6 more, making a "loop" coming down between my first loops.

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