The Beginning

Starting doing beading in @1995 after getting alcohol poisoning while out partying with friends. It is a talent that God gave me to keep me from trying to kill myself (literally through binge drinking and then driving while drunk) From broken to Reborn, from lost to Found, God gave me this talent to make jewelry and I didn't realize how relevant it was to my life until I was listening to the radio praising God and this song came on (of course I forgot the name and such) but it talked about taking the old and making it new again. God did that with me as I do that with my jewelry! I love taking old broken pieces and recreating something new and exciting. If the necklace doesn't have earrings with it, I can make some to go with it. Romans 7:24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of death. vs 25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. It only through Jesus can we be truly changed, He alone has all power to deliver us from the bondage of sin and give us new life.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I surrender all

We let our human nature get the better of us thinking of it is just a little thing and then it snowballs into us taking more control of our lives away from You. The song says I surrender all! Not just our beach front property! You don't want us to come to you during our bad times but during our good as well!  

This was something that God had me talk to my Dad about. He remembers his grandma Hennings and his mom being "Godly" women. I asked him what he meant. He replied that anyone who could keep her cool raising 10 children, referring to Grandma Hennings, just seemed to fit that. I said what little I remembered of Great Grandma, I know she had a relationship with God but I wasn't ever witness to it expect through her love. I never got to go to church with her or see her read her bible.  His mom, Grandma Lois, took me to church, let me she her reading and studying her bible. I saw her share her love of music and signing with those in the nursing homes and any where more than two were gathered.  

I aslo mentioned my mom's parents, Grandma Anne and Papa Charlie. I remember going to church with THEM often. Singing what we consider OLD hymns all the time! They would go and get together with people all over the state of Arkansas and Texas to praise and worship God through singing. Grandpa was a song leader and Grandma played the piano.  I also remember them have coffee during their quiet time while they studied their bible. 

I know Mom and Dad are saved but they have fallen victim to the world just as I did. Just as many of us do.we forget that God wants all of us and doesn't want to be our get out of jail free card. He doesn't want us to just call on Him when it storms but when it is sunshine and roses as well.

Father God, thank you for being there during this storm! Being without the COMFORT of running fresh clean water puts a strain on your life. Even being able to "rinse off" in the pond left us feeling dirty and the more the dirt piled up, the more the sin seemed to follow. The more compromises that arose.  If you just let me do this, I will do that...not just spoken outwardly but through body language and inner vows as well. But God was always there! He would let somethings work because we had given Him praise but as soon as we began relying on our own strengths AGAIN.....we got heat stroke, parts broke, etc..(you get the picture.)

Father God thank you for Your mercies that renew every morning! I am looking forward to this new day!  Please be with Sherry Langston and heal her allergic reaction to this unknown. Remove it from her work area!

Father God, be with little Hudson and family as they struggle with this allergic reaction that has developed into a bigger mountain that needs to know You gave us the power to make it jump! Please guide and direct the doctors and nurses involved! We pray healing and full recovery!

Father God, be with Kim's son, David. Please guide and direct the doctors and nurses involved! We pray healing and full recovery!  Father God, please be with Natalie Eaton and family! We continue to pray healing and full recovery! 

Father God be with our soldiers on foreign and local shores! Be with our police, fire, first responders, doctors and nurses! Let their work be a reflection of their love for You!  In all we ask, Your will be done! In Jesus Name, Amen!

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